Last Breath

You ask me if I am afraid.

But I am not afraid.

I swore you were the breath in my life.

But you were the wind.

And like the wind

you are gone. 

I walk out of the dark. 

And see the light for the first time,

in a long time.

I know now that you were not the darkness.

You were the moon.

We were the breath.

We are the wind.

Blog Announcement

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to change the name of my blog from Caregivers Journal to The Grace Tree.

As much as I have loved narrating poetry and writing short blog posts about loss and gratitude, I would like to expand my writings to include my search for spirituality in everyday life. That means, more original content, some longer, some shorter. I do still plan on narrating poetry since that is very healing for me and I hope for you as well.

Have a beautiful weekend.

With gratitude,